Zumba with Rocio!  is pleased to support 

The Heathland Conservation Society based in Camberley


An endangered Dartford Warbler


Although global in interests the Society is currently paying special attention to the very important woods and heathland in Surrey and Berkshire, home to some of Britains rarest flora and fauna.

"The aim of the Heathland Conservation Society, which is a voluntary organisation, is to conserve and protect our environment and in particular the fragile Heathland.

With over 80% of the UK heathland being lost since 1830, due to agriculture, forestry, industry, housing and neglect it is very important that we protect this rare and valuable environment.

Now, all that remains are small pockets of heathland scattered across the south" - Chairman, HCS

Visit The Heathland Conservation Society's website here for more information and on Facebook here